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Struggling Readers

I have been a teacher for 24 years. As an elementary school teacher, our main focus is to get our students reading and writing on grade level because we know how important these skills are in lifelong growth and learning. When I became an adjunct professor, I had students who continued to show great difficulty reading aloud and realized that reading words correctly was not just an elementary school problem, but a problem that can span a person’s whole life and keep them from realizing their potential. Popular Strategies of Struggling Readers When they Encounter Difficult Words }   Guessing words }   Looking at pictures instead of print }   Skipping words }   Waiting to be told words }   Mumbling Popular Strategies of Teachers who Teach Struggling Readers }   Tell them the words }   Don’t call on them to read aloud }   Keep thinking that they will outgrow their reading difficulties Children Do NOT Outgrow Reading Difficulties A child who is a