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Turn and Talk

Turn and Talk is a strategy to increase student engagement in their own learning. The teacher poses a question and have students turn and talk to their partner about the answer. It sounds very simple, but it is a powerful strategy to build oral language and to give students opportunity to process what they are learning. Here is a helpful video that models  the Turn and Talk strategy. If you need a chart to guide students to what they should be doing during a Turn and Talk, here is an example. I know I will be incorporating this strategy into my own classroom.

Letters are like Animals

One of the first necessary concepts to teach students when building the early foundations of literacy is that letters have both a name and a sound that it produces.  Sometimes this is a difficult concept for little ones. When I begin to teach this concept to students, I tell them that letters are like animals. For example, this animal is a cow. That is its name. The sound a cow produces is moo. Letters are like this cow. They have a name and a sound.  For example, this letter’s name is b . The sound a b produces is (b). It is important when teaching letter sounds to make the sound clipped, meaning they do not have an (ŭ) added to them. So the correct pronunciation is (b) instead of (bŭ).