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Discovery Learning

Discovery learning is an instructional method used to help students to discover new concepts. The teacher does not tell students the phonics rule, but instead help guide them to make connections and to discover the new learning for themselves. This instructional technique is beneficial for long term memory and the ability to apply new concepts. Phonics Discovery Learning  for Pre-K & Kinder Auditory Phonics Discovery Learning Visual Phonics Discovery Learning


I have made 5 videos that explain 5 important phonics concepts that every teacher must know. #1 The location of a letter in a word predicts its sound. #2 Identifying vowels and consonants helps readers see patterns in words #3 Recognizing Syllables Helps Readers to Decode Words #4 THE SIX SYLLABLE TYPES INFLUENCE THE SOUNDS OF LETTERS #5  ACCENTED SYLLABLES INFLUENCE THE SOUNDS OF LETTERS 

Books in the Classroom

We are getting ready for our district’s new book adoption, so they are clearing out the district’s book room and have given us tons of decodable books. Decodable books offer children an opportunity to practice the phonics knowledge and skills they have learned within a controlled text. Children need to practice what they have been taught, in order to internalize the new learning and to develop reading fluency.  I have 3 uses for these books. Classroom Library Every classroom needs to have an abundance of books to provide a print-rich environment for their students. Students must have access to a variety of books to grow as a reader and as a writer. Here are some ways to organize the books in your classroom. Books Organized by Genre Books Organized by Reading Levels Browsing Box You can use these books to make a browsing box for each student. A browsing box, also known as a book box, is a collection of books which are a sort of personal library for each ind